Arne Vestegaard


Non-Determinist Vocabularies of Coping with Complex Conditions for Managing Projects, Development and Change in Organizations (2005)

This dissertation is about Arne Vestegaard’s work as an organizational psychologist consultant, which has been his occupation for more than 15 years. It is also a book about organizational development and change in general and project management in particular, which has been his specialty for more than 15 years. The target audience for this book is the professors in the Committee and for members of his community of practice, organizational psychologists and consultants with social constructionist tendencies.

Arne Vestegaard is an independent organizational psychologist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His PhD. project is an exploration of project management processes in projects under high complexity, change and unpredictability based on the concept of the reflective practitioner. Focus is on collective sense-making, management of meaning and building of trustful relations in and around projects.

Dissertation (1.01 MB)