Margot Brink, Ph.D.

Address (home): Willow House
Spinks Lane, Witham, ESSEX,
CM8 1EP, United Kingdom
Address (work): Oaktree Manor Hospital, Heath Road, Tendring, Clacton-on-Sea
ESSEX CO16 0BX, United Kingdom

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Margot Brink started off her formal preparations for the world of work with a degree in Law, but later qualified as a Counseling Psychologist (Masters in Counseling Psychology, 1995, the University of Pretoria, South Africa). She spent much of her life, prior to qualifying as a psychologist, as a volunteer in various areas of the society she contributes to. Margot completed a M.Th. in Narrative Therapy, with a strong influence of feminist thinking and liberation theology underpinning and informing her writing (Masters in Theology, 2003, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa). The latter Master’s degree was very practical in its application and she then sought a Ph.D. program that would further inform her strong attachment to Social Construction, but would also allow a practical and practice-based approach to research.

Margot found a home for her research hopes and dreams at the TAOS Institute. She has completed her Ph.D., with Prof. Sheila McNamee as her supervisor, during 2011. The field of interest she inquired into during the course of her dissertation was about the experience of being a human migrant and what meaning making human migrants attach to their experience of migration. She migrated to the UK during 2004 and has since been involved with working in residential settings (hospitals) where adults, whom have been sent to a residential setting by the court (forensic) for care and rehabilitation, live. These residents (patients), both male and female, primarily have a way of being in the world (learning disability) which they share. Many of the female persons she works with share another way of being in the world (diagnosis – Borderline Personality Disorder). One of the ways in which persons with this way of being in the world is offered assistance (treatment) is by means of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT, Linehand, 1993a & 1993b). Another of her descriptors, is as a DBT practitioner. She currently is especially interested in two areas: (1) How does she, with her strong attachment to Narrative Therapy and Social Construction, and her affiliation with a strongly medical model enterprise, along with a strongly behaviouristic model (DBT), make the world(s) of one welcoming to the world(s) of the other? (2) Her second interest lies with human migration. She is currently exploring opportunities to become involved with the presentation of human migration from the Middle Eastern Countries and how it is that she may contribute to a society where migrants’ voices are heard in ways that are inclusive rather than exclusive; where they have a say in co-authoring their new world(s).

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