Alita Taylor, MA, LMFT

Open Dialogue Pacific
WA and CA, USA

Phone: 805-452-7475 (cell), 253-212-3101 (office)

Alita Kathryn Taylor, MA, LMFT is the founder of Open Dialogue Pacific, an international training and consultation institute for professionals seeking to be trained in Open Dialogue and dialogic practices. Alita has been working in the field(s) of family psychotherapy/emergency psychiatry/mental health service/peer counseling since 1989.

Alita is an expert in Open Dialogue education and training, having trained under Jaakko Seikkula, Birgitta Alakare, Jorma Ahonen, Kari Valtanen, Pekka Borchers, Tapio Salo, Tanja Pilhaja, Eija-Liisa Rautiainen, Pekka Holm, and Tom Erik Arnkil in Helsinki, Finland, where she was credentialed to supervise and train in the approach 2016-18. Open Dialogue was developed in Western Lapland in the 1980’s and is the most researched way of working with what-some-call psychosis and other mental health crises. Open Dialogue is a human rights-based way of working.

Alita completed the International Collaborative-Dialogic certification April 2021 with the Houston-Galveston Institute under Harlene Anderson, Sue Levin, Adriana Gil-Wilkerson, Saliha Bava, Maria Luisa Papusa, Georgina Lira, Sylvia London, Ilana Reisz, Josie Paul, Rocio Chaveste, Diana Carleton, Neca Irma Rodriguez, Thelma Goodrich, and Carlos Felipe Villar. Alita has additional education and training in death and dying, poetry, and dance movement therapy.