Open Access Books

The following books are available online and most are free for downloading.

Books in English

Appreciative Inquiry of the 3.0 Kind by Cees Hoogendijk
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The Practice Turn in Contemporary Theory edited ByKarin Knorr Cetina, Theodore R. Schatzki, Eike von Savigny
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Getting Started: A Guide to Collaboration in the Classroom by Kathleen O. Kane and Joan Harms
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SocioDynamic Counselling. A Constructivist Perspective
by R. Vance Peavy

Fostering Dialogue Across Divides: A Nuts and Bolts Guide to Our Methods from the Essential Partners by Maggie Herzig and Laura Chasin
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Sociodynamic Counselling: A Constructivist Perspective by R. Vance Peavy
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Books in Spanish:

Orientación SocioDinámica: Un enfoque práctico a la creación de significado
SocioDynamic Counselling: A Practical Approach to Meaning Making by R. Vance Peavy
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Las Escuelas Como Territorios De Paz
Por: Sara Victoria Alvarado – Héctor Fabio Ospina – Marieta Quintero – María Teresa Luna -María Camila
Ospina – Jhoana A. Patiño
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Construccionismo Social Aportes Para El Debate Y La Práctica por Kenneth Gergen
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Books in Polish:

Polish translation of Vance Peavy – “Sociodynamic Counselling. A Practical Approach to Meaning Making”
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