Marvin H. Shaub, Ph.D.

385 Sayre Drive
Princeton, NJ 08540

Phone: (609) 951-0574
Mobile: (609) 356-4727

Marvin Shaub combines the viewpoints of an experienced corporate executive, entrepreneur, teacher and social scientist.  After earning his BA at Cornell and MBA at The Harvard Business School, Marvin spent over 40 years pursuing a successful business career with substantial numbers of senior level assignments in The United States, Europe and Japan.  He has been a sought after management consultant with McKinsey & Company and via his own firm, Teletienda, Inc., which specialized in strategy modification for marketing to diverse cultural groups.  He has worked in 45 different industries or product category segments.Nearing normal retirement age Marvin decided not to retire but to experience renaissance through first earning a doctorate (which he did through The Taos Tilburg Ph.D. Program in the Social Sciences) and then becoming a college professor—he teaches International Business at Montclair State University.  Recently his book TRANSITIONS: Adjustment Strategies of American Immigrants, based partly on his doctoral dissertation, was released internationally by University Press of America.  The book comprehends acculturation as a social process, using as extended case examples Hispanic, Japanese and Muslim immigrant societies and social construction as a unifying approach.  He has lectured extensively and published 10 articles.  His research interests include communications across divides of culture, language, organization and geography and the development of identity in the internet age.  He lives with his wife Yuko, a naturalized Japanese American, and daughter Nicole in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

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