Ellen Crump, MSW, Ph.D.

Thrive for Change 64 Hatt St.
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 905-220-8028 
Web: www.thirforchange.com

Ellen Crump is Child and Family Counselor and Certified Parent Coach in Dundas Ontario. Her varied background includes positions as a lay minister with the United Church of Canada, private school Director, entrepreneur, and educator. Her present work is with children, youth, and families. So many children present with low self-image, low confidence and are challenged by social acceptance and life acceptance. Ellen works with children and teens experiencing varied life challenges presenting as anxiety, depression and self-harm while supporting parents to deal with and better understand the challenges faced by their children.

Ellen embraced the ideas of social construction as a social/relational philosophy as a means to find generative and positive ways to support girls in her practice. This interest led to her Ph.D. research with Taos Institute. Her dissertation, “Girls Falling Off: Therapeutic Practices that Matter,” offered a poignant view of what it means to be a girl in our culture, while focusing on how we as a society understand agency and formulate identity has a profound impact on girls. Collaborating with therapists and scholars, Ellen elaborated many meaningful ways therapists could support girls’ development as relational beings within the context of therapeutic practice.

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