Peace Anumah, BA (Hons), Msc

Peterborough, UK

Peace Anumah is an accredited trauma-informed systemic psychotherapist with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). She works in private practice at “Piece Into Peace” and has worked in this field since 2005. She received her education and training in marriage and family therapy at Mercy University, New York, where she was trained and mentored by Dr Evan Imber-Black and supervised by Dr Saliha Bava. Peace is currently doing her professional doctorate in systemic practice at the University of Bedfordshire, with a research focus on a phenomenon she termed “resilencing”, where she has received mentorship and consultation from Gail Simon and Elizabeth Day and supervised by Dr Birgitte Pedersen.

Peace holds three international honours awards (Psi Chi, Phi Gamma Mu, Sigma Phi Omega). Since moving to the UK from New York, Peace has worked with the Relate counselling organisation, where she was mentored and supervised by the late Dana Mills-Powell. She has a passion for working with children, young people, and adults from the care system, advocating for their needs and helping them to reach their full potential. Furthermore, she has worked with a Local Authority’s Virtual school supporting the post-16 cohort group of children in care. She was the strategic lead for those classified as “NEET” (Not in Education, Employment and Training). Peace is the founder and chief executive officer of a charity, “ASK PIP Charity,” that supports children and young people in the care system by giving them another chance to obtain their core qualifications, work experience and work placements and supporting their mental health.

As an EMDR practitioner, Peace also has a wealth of experience working with clients who have suffered from traumatic events, including racial trauma and how to heal from it. She is the lead facilitator of a group with a well-known Charity in the UK, supporting black women to heal from the trauma of childbirth due to systemic racism. As a Black British Nigerian, she resides with her husband and two children in Lincolnshire, UK. Peace is passionate about poetry, storytelling, philosophy, and decolonisation of the mind. Over the past few years, she has researched the lives of women fleeing domestic violence, sickle cell anaemia and pain. So far, her research interests include narrative inquiry, storytelling, and inter/intra-rogation (a term she recently coined) in her latest publication, oppression, resilience and reflexive inquiry.

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