Eleana Koumpi

Psychologist, Systemic Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer
Holargos, Greece
Email: eleanakoumpi@gmail.com

Eleana Koumpi currently works as psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice, and as a trainer and supervisor of mental health professionals in systemic psychotherapy in the post-graduate program of University of Thessalia. 

She has worked as a trainer of systemic therapists at the Systemic Center for Systemic Training and Psychological Support (SKEPSYS member of EFTA-TIC), and as a researcher, trainer, and supervisor at the University Mental Health Research Institute (EPIPSY), where she trained and supervised secondary school teachers in the implementation of psychosocial programs for the promotion of health. She also trained and supervised mental health professionals that staffed centres for the prevention of drug abuse across Greece. In addition, she has worked as a scientific expert, coordinator, trainer, and evaluator, in national and European initiatives for young people on the development of self-protective mechanisms against bullying and sexual abuse.

She studied psychology at the University of Maryland, USA and got her master’s degree at the American University, USA. She trained in systemic and family therapy and systemic diagnosis at the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations (member of EFTA-TIC). She was also trained on systemic consultation and leadership in organisations (Kensington Consultation Center and Center for Systemic Therapy), on systemic appreciative therapy and on couple therapy (Center for Systemic Therapy). She has participated in the Systemic Spring School and the Systemic Reading Seminars organized by Dr. Gail Simon at the University of Bedfordshire.

She is a founding member and coordinator of a network of therapists the subject of dialogue in psychotherapy, as well as a member of the organizing committee in a national network of therapists on dialogical practices. She is a member of the Association of Greek Psychologists (SEPS), of the Hellenic Association of Systemic Therapy (HELASYTH), the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA, member of EFTA-CIM), and the European Association of Psychotherapists (EAP). She also holds the European Certificate in Psychotherapy (ECP) by EAP.