François Héon, M.A.Sc., Ph.D.

Leadership Development for Groups and Individuals 
350, Prince-Arthur, Ave. Apt. 1601 
Montreal, Quebec 
H2X 3R4 

Cell: 514-971-3030 
Skype: francoisheon 

François completed his Master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario and then pursued his Ph.D. coursework in organizational behavior at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management in Cleveland. 

He then worked on institutional change projects in Romania (1991) and Burundi (1994-1996) and began an ongoing collaboration with Organizational Behavior Development in Belgium conducting international leadership programs. 

Back in Canada in 1996, François took on new challenges with the development and management of alternative support services for psychiatric patients in the community. It is in this context that he discovered his talent and passion for individual accompaniment and pursued clinical training at McGill’s Allen Memorial Institute. 

Yearning to return to the field of consulting with his management and clinical experience, he then took the leadership of Adecco Canada’s new consulting division, The House of Leaders (2002-2005) and pursued this last project in its transition to become Esse Leadership (2005-2009). 

In 2009, François chose to pursue his passion for the development of leaders and groups by working under his own name, while continuing ongoing partnerships in Canada and internationally. 

François has worked with several different type of clients in many industries to develop their leadership potential through workshops and seminars. 

With a team of international co-editors, he published in 2014 a book of Mary P. Follett’s writings on leadership and democracy titled Mary Parker Follett: Ideas We Need Today. He will soon be publishing his own upcoming 20-year synthesis of leadership: The Yin and Yang of Leadership for Individuals and Groups. Both books are intended to be reader-friendly guides to leadership development for all.

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