Alain Robiolio

Architect and family therapist
Route des Arsenaux 24, 1700 Fribourg
Canton Fribourg, Switzerland

Phone: 0041­79­475-2250
Fax: 0041-26-436-5256

After obtaining my Masters degree, I became an independent architect, and subsequently worked as a scientific collaborator for the Architectural Historic Heritage Office in the Canton Fribourg. After an education in systemic and family therapy and a Master degree in NLP, I opened my own private practice. I am essentially working with couples and individuals in a constructionist orientation, sensitive to the creation of new and unexpected relationships within the participants and with a not-knowing attitude. I have also developed an urban building game for children and teens inspired by the constructionist ideas ( The game can also be played by adults in cases of more serious urban matters. I am also Secretary of the Fribourg Family Therapists Association and an E.F.T.A. individual member. I am also an active trombone player in a renowned brass orchestra of the area.

Constructionist ideas are a main concern of mine, and I have carried out translations in French of Kenneth Gergen¹s “An invitation to Social Construction” (published in 2001), “Constructing Reality” (published in 2005), and Kenneth and Mary Gergen¹s “Social Construction ­ Entering the Dialogue” (published in 2006). I also have translated Harlene Anderson¹s “Conversation Language and Possibilities” (published in 2005). On a continuing basis I am also translating into French the bimonthly Positive Aging Newsletter published by Mary and Kenneth Gergen.