Social Constructionist and Relational Approach to the Study of Children’s Risk and Protection

Yochay focuses on cultural and cross-cultural aspects of research, direct practice and training; cultural aspects of children in at-risk situations, including abuse and neglect; and clinical social work with couples and families. His studies aim to challenge widely-held Western perspectives regarding the definition, etiology, consequences, prevention, and treatment of child abuse and neglect, and to better understand the socially constructed nature of concepts such as “risk,” “protection,” and “wellbeing” for children and families from diverse cultural and professional contexts. In his current research project he explores perceptions and constructions of child “risk” and “protection” from the perspective of children, parents and community leaders in various communities in Israel, as well as from the perspective of professionals serving these communities.

Yochay Nadan, Ph.D.

Yochay is member of the Faculty of the School of Social Work and Social Welfare at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. For more information, visit Yochay’s Associate page.

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