Keith Kinsella, Ph.D.

13a Milton Crescent
Eastbourne BN21 1SP
Phone: +44 1323 416607

Keith Kinsella is an independent systemic facilitator and coach who retired recently following 40 years experience working in various capacities on the challenges of managing change and developing leadership in large private and public sector organizations in the UK.

His own practice has been influenced principally by systemic, social constructionist, appreciative, narrative, and dialogic ideas and approaches, which he has had the opportunity to experience, try out, develop, and embody in a wide variety of situations with organizations like the NHS, Royal Mail, British Airways, Prudential, Unilever, Selex Gallileo, VISA, and Vestas. His two most significant clients where he was able to develop and work within more creative open-ended relationships over the longer term, have been: the BBC where he provided facilitation and development support to small and large groups over a 14 year period [1990- 2003] engaged in rapid technological and market change; and the University of Exeter where he worked on the online coached MA program in Leadership Studies for 10 years [2004-2014] helping develop the program and providing one to one coaching to students during their studies. During this latter period he was able to carry out action research on his working practices in regard to the educational learning taking place within the context of student-coach relations during the 2 year program, to gain his PhD at Bath University.
His main focus now is on how to presence dialogic relations and the relational practices involved in increasing receptivity and responsiveness within groups and networks. Through these inquiries he continues to seek to reveal and influence with others, the processes involved in using more improvisatory approaches to organizing, and how people can learn to do this more often in the process of getting things done.

In the past he has been a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants and a Fellow of Exeter University’s Centre for Leadership Studies. He has also been involved at various times in supporting learning activities at the Grubb Institute, Tavistock Institute, Kensington Consultation Centre, Birkbeck College, Kings College London, and Exeter University. He has also been an external examiner of the leadership syllabus of the Executive MBA at Scandinavian International Management Institute in Copenhagen.

His thesis which has the title Revealing what is ‘tacit/rationally-invisible/in the background’: an online coaching pedagogy for developing improved leadership practice through ‘presencing empathetic responsiveness’ can be viewed at:

In addition to his PhD thesis, he has co-authored a book [and contributed a chapter to a second book] on ‘working systemically in large organizations’, both published by Karnac London:

  • Systemic Work with Organizations: A New Model for Managers and Change Agents, 1994. Campbell, D, Coldicott, T, and Kinsella, K. ISBN 13 : 9781855751002; ISBN 10 : 1855751003
  • Organizations Connected: A Handbook of Systemic Consultation, 2008. Edited by Campbell, D, and Huffington, C. ISBN 13 : 9781855756694; ISBN 10 : 1855756692

He has also co-authored a paper published in the journal of Leadership that describes the lessons of the early years of the online coached MA in Leadership Studies at Exeter University:

  • Ladkin, D., Case, P., Gay Wicks, P. and Kinsella, K. (2009) Developing leaders in cyber-space: how distance-learning enables leaders to get close to where it matters. Leadership, 5 (2). pp. 193-212. ISSN 1742-7150