Sandy Harper-Jaques, MN, MFT

Calgary, Alberta, Canada 


I have had a lifelong curiosity about people’s emotional experiences and how interpersonal relationships influence emotional health and well-being. This curiosity fueled a career focused on practice, reflection and research in the areas of relational therapy and mental health. Throughout my career, I tried to reduce client’s suffering by creating therapeutic conversations that promote healing and I worked to increase access to publicly funded mental health services. As a supervisor, I endeavored to create a safe space for students and licensed therapists to talk about the challenges and successes of their clinical work.

I have recently retired from clinical practice and supervision; that said, I have turned my attention to the ways that public policy and public discourse, during this pandemic, have impacted relationships between people and between groups. I am also concerned with the sharp divisions between groups, the harsh discourse and lack of curiosity about other points of view.  I continue to try to acknowledge and understand points of view that differ from my own.

In my personal life I am married and we have two adult daughters who are off having adventures in their own lives. I enjoy cycling, snowshoeing, quilting and spending time with interesting people.