Bjorn Hauger

Lent as, Dronning Maudsgt 3, 0250
Oslo, Norway

Phone: 004797563159

Bjorn Hauger is Partner and Chairman in Lent, as a consultancy company in Norway which uses Appreciative Inquiry as an approach to collaboration and learning within and between organizations. He is also Chairman, and co-owner in a center based on “social business” in Tanga, Tanzania. The center welcomes students from universities and colleges in Europe and Tanzania who do part of their education here.

Bjorn has been an initiator and driving force to introduce, educate and develop Appreciative Inquiry as approaches for mutual learning and approach to work organization. He has written several books, articles on this topic based on Norwegian experiences and is a driving force in establishing the first studies in Appreciative Inquiry and a national center for appreciative and strength-based learning in Norway.

Bjorn’s present activities include consulting in organizational development. This includes facilitation of large-scale processes. In particular Bjorn has experience with practical applications of Appreciative Inquiry in working with children and adolescents – in development work in the classroom and schools. Bjorn has taught and still teaches as a lecturer at different university colleges in Norway.

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