Jen Megules

Westport, Ma 02790 US
Phone: 1-774-400-6097 

Jen Megules is a Talent & Organizational Development Partner working within organizations. Her approach is highly inclusive, collaborative and puts group led initiatives, shared leadership and  relationships front and center. 

She practices Relational Leading and emergent process which addresses the processes of relationship essential for us to organize, relate to each one another and build stronger understanding with each other in order to co-create change and evolve what we care about together. In this view of ‘research as a creative and every day process’, she also uses a lens that approaches problem solving by building on what’s working, what else can help and determining what it is that we want to create next. 

She invites us to notice what happens ‘between’ people that help us better co-create: relate, explore, organize, coordinate, plans and act together. Her experience designs help build appreciation of others’ perspectives, deepen understanding of each other, and create ways of deciding and coordinating actions for positive impacts (that are most useful for individuals, teams, organization and the community). Her goal is for people to be really energized to work together because we’ve considered both our outward forms of relating — process, actions– and our inward forms — thoughts, feelings– because both really matter. She feels this is a facilitation art where she is not center stage- we all are.

Jen holds a B.S. in Biotechnology from Rutgers University and an MSc in Relational Leading from Taos & Middlesex University.