Helena le Roux Ohm, Ph.D.

The Center for Discovery
Sullivan County, NY

Email: leroux.ohm@gmail.com
Web: www.thecenterfordiscovery.org

Helena le Roux Ohm received her B.S. from the University of Vermont in Natural Resources (2005), her M.S. from the University of Montana in Environmental Studies (2008), and her Ph.D. from Prescott College in Sustainability Education (2014). After working for various non-profit organizations in fields ranging from community-based conservation to sustainable agriculture and ecological design, Helena joined the faculty of SUNY Sullivan in 2008. She served as the Director of Sustainability Projects and Initiatives for the college, as well as an Associate Professor in the Green Building Maintenance and Management degree program, for several years. Currently, Helena serves as the Senior Director of Training at the Center for Discovery, a national specialty center for the advanced care and treatment of children and adults with significant disabilities, medical complexities and autism spectrum disorders, located in Sullivan County, New York.

Helena’s primary research interests include how natural and built environments affect learning, behavior, and relationships, as well as the efficacy of holistic education models. Through her work at the Center for Discovery, Helena is exploring how education, community development, and the social construction of disability intersect. She is particularly interested in continuing to challenge existing constructions of disability, and facilitating the co-creation of new models for integrated and sustainable communities through interpersonal processes.