Jodie Kliman, Ph.D.

Core Faculty, Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology
William James College 
One Wells Ave., Newton, MA 02459

Phone: 617-899-6957 (cell)

Dr. Jodie Kliman is a social-clinical psychologist on the faculty of the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at William James College (formerly the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology). She teaches courses on doing clinical supervision, narrative therapy, and a course called Trauma and Resilience: Family, Community, and Global Perspectives. She has also taught family therapy and a first-year clinical seminar. Her clinical and training work and publications focus on: the interplay of culture, social class, race, and gender in familial and therapeutic relationships; culturally respectful clinical practices that attend to differences in power and marginalization; social constructionist approaches to therapy; therapy with multicultural families; clinical work with immigrants and refugees; social networks and network therapy; and familial and collective trauma, both domestically and abroad. 

She applies systems and dialogical approaches to communities affected by large-scale violence or disaster. Her current research, in Israel, the West Bank, and the U.S., concerns the effectiveness of the Artsbridge Institute, a dialogue and arts training program for Palestinian and Jewish-Israeli adolescents. She has published and trained extensively on the intersections of privilege and privilege and marginalization, and is the author of “Intersections of Privilege and Marginalization: A Visual Teaching Tool,” in The AFTA Monograph Series (2010). 

Jodie edited a monograph for the American Family Therapy Academy, Working in War Zones, Near and Far: Oscillations of Despair and Hope (2005). She is a founding member of the Boston Institute for Culturally Accountable Practices, the Council on Contemporary Families, and the Network for Multicultural Training Professionals. She has spent about 10 of the last 20 years in various leadership positions for the American Family Therapy Academy. Dr. Kliman has a private practice in Brookline, MA.