Neill Korobov, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director of PhD Program
Department of Psychology
University of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA 30118 USA

Phone: 678-839-0608
Fax: 678-839-0611

Dr. Neill Korobov is an Associate Professor in the Psychology department at the University of West Georgia, and the Director of the Psychology PhD program. Dr. Korobov’s research is situated in Discursive Psychology, straddling critical discursive and conversation analytic methods. His work is heavily shaped by ethnomethodology, social constructionism, and conversation analysis. His current research involves analyses of young adult’s conversations about romantic and sexual experiences. He is interested in the ways couples pursue intimacy–that is, how actual and potential romantic partners connect and create affiliation in their everyday natural contexts. Dr. Korobov’s work has been published in numerous high impact / SNIP factor journals, including Research on Language and Social Interaction and Discourse Studies, and has appeared in prestigious Handbooks (The Oxford Handbook of Identity Development and Discursive Psychology: Revisiting classic studies).