Mamoru Itoh, MCC

Founder and Director, COACH A Co., Ltd.

Mamoru Itoh is the Founder and Director of COACH A Co., Ltd. Itoh introduced coaching to Japan and established the first coach training program in Japan in 1997 (Coach 21 Co., Ltd.). In 2001, Itoh established COACH A Co., Ltd. as an executive coaching firm. He has been involved in leadership development and organizational culture reform for numerous companies.

In addition to giving lectures at the New York Jiji Press and other media outlets, he has also been involved in the development of leadership and organizational culture change at a number of companies. Itoh has also given lectures to students at Kyoto University, Tohoku University, Kobe University, and Keio University, among others.

Itoh is both a coach and a learner himself, and has hired coaches to deepen his knowledge and skills in coaching. Harlene Anderson was involved as a coach and tutor for a number of years, and in the process, Itoh had the opportunity to learn about social construction. It became the basis on which it developed systemic coaching.

Itoh is the author of “3 Minute Coach,” “Kono Kimochi Tsutaetai,” “100 Words to Enjoy Today,” “How to Create a Free Life” (Discover), “Moshi Usagi Ni Coach Ga Itara” (If Rabbits Had Coaches) (Yamato Shobo) and many others.

Of these, “3 Minute Coach,” “100 Words to Enjoy Today,” and “Kono Kimochi Tsutaetai” have been sold overseas, and “The Three-Minute-Coach” and “I Want to Tell You About My Feelings” have been translated and published in other languages.

He is the first Japanese to be certified as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).