Alan Gardiner


Creating Opportunities for Inclusive Education: A Story of Collaboration Involving the Kenanow Bachelor of Education Program and Their Partners in Northern Manitoba

May 2015 

The research question is: 
Is there evidence of the collaborative activities required to co-create inclusive schools in northern Manitoba in order to enhance the opportunities for preferred futures for members of school communities?

The Faculty of Education at University College of the North partners with school divisions and education authorities in northern Manitoba, Manitoba Education, other post-secondary institutions and community partners in order to provide inclusive educational opportunities for the children and youth of Northern Manitoba. These partnerships support students in their quest to achieve Kiskenimoswin, a Cree word for positive identity without which it would be difficult, if not impossible, for them to experience Mino-Pimatisiwin or the good life. Through their collaboration, the Kenanow Bachelor of Education program and its partners are enhancing the capacity of prospective teachers, current teachers and administrators in the co-creation of inclusive schools.

Through continuous dialogue and inquiry, these partners work together to create visions of preferred futures for their respective school community members. As a participant observer and researcher, I have documented the relational processes and shared perspectives associated with inclusive education within schools, their divisions, districts or education authorities in northern Manitoba and the Kenanow Bachelor of Education program. The stories of inclusive educational practices created by University College of the North and its partners are told by participants in those practices and through corresponding documentation. The partners are co-creating enhanced educational opportunities in northern Manitoba.