Oriana Vilches-Álvarez, M.Sc.

Centro Construccionismo Social Anairova
Docencia, Investigación y Terapia dialógica
Gral Holley 2381 of 603 B Providencia
Santiago de Chile

Phone: 56-2-2378 9716
Email: Anairova2@gmail.com

Clinical Psychologist, Family, couples, adolescents and children therapist

Upgrade and Postgrade Teaching and Supervisor for Psychotherapist

Psychologist, Pontificial Catholic University of Chile; Master of Psychology © Simon Bolivar University of Venezuela; Master of Clinical Psychology Pontificial Catholic University of Chile; Specialist in Behavior Therapy Simon Bolivar University; Therapist in Family and Sexuality, Venezuelan Association in Familiar and Sexual Therapy of Venezuela; Supervisor of Psychotherapists accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Clinical Psychologists specializing in Psychotherapy (Chile). Teacher and supervisor of Master and Postgraduate students in Psychology. University of Valparaíso and Social Construccionism Center ANAIROVA. Santiago of Chile.

Director in Social Constructionism ANAIROVA Dialogic Therapy Center (2005- 2014) This Center was created with the aim of training therapists as specialists in psychotherapy. I do functions as therapist and supervisor in the Tutorial Program recognized by the National Accrediting Commission of Clinical Psychologists specializing in Psychotherapy. It is attended by qualified psychologists in different universities of the country and with different levels of clinical and professional experience required to perform a postgraduate training to work as a specialist in psychotherapy accredited both private and institutional level ( Health Centres Private or public)

Dialogic Teaching and Therapy Supervisor in the Master of Social Constructionism Mention Clinical Psychology at Valparaiso University (2005-2014)

Guide Professor in many undergraduate and graduate thesis (Magister) in consultants therapeutic processes with diverse symptomatology or long-term problems of marriage and family, or with children and adolescents with cognitive development, language, maladaptive behavior (asperger and autism).

Lecturer in Chile and other Latin American countries (Argentina, Brasil, Ecuador, Peru, Panamá, Uruguay, Venezuela in conferences organized by the Chilean Society of Clinical Psychology, the Society of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery (SONEPSYN), the Society of Psychiatry and Neurology for Children and Adolescents (Sopnia) and international conferences organized by the Society for Pychotherapy Research and the Latin American Federation of Psychotherapy. The topics presented have been focused in the use of language, therapist posture, alliance and therapeutic relationship; in psychotherapy supervision; dialogic-therapy therapeutic models; bridges between research and the clinical; critical questions to clinical diagnosis, consequences and therapeutic opportunities. These lectures and free papers have been exposed from a social constructionist perspective emphasizing the symmetrical, collaborative and generative relationship and building bridges of significance in the context of interaction with other, both therapeutic and in family and community life. This has led me to emphasize in the training of therapists with a way of monitoring supported by the social and dialogic constructionist principles.

I am a member of the Scientific Organizing Committee and Congress for Psychotherapy Neurology Society, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery and Encounters Research in psychotherapy, Chilean Chapter Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR)

I have participated for seven years (2005-2011) in Fondecyt Program (www.psychotherapyandchange.cl) conducting a variety of research on the psychotherapeutic process and the generic indicators of change and stagnation from the perspective of the therapist, the client and the researcher; linguistic analysis of the actions of the therapist in different therapeutic processes in a variety of theoretical models, publishing several articles related to theory and research in psychotherapy (see appendix).