The Family Centre

71 Woburn Road
PO Box 31-050
Lower Hutt, 5010 Aotearoa
New Zealand

Phone: 64 4 569 7112
Fax: 64 4 569 7323

Kiwi Tamasese and Charles Waldegrave represent The Family Centre in New Zealand along with their staff. Due to the collaborative nature of their work, they prefer to be Taos Associates as a community of practice, not as individuals.

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The Family Centre is a leading community agency based in New Zealand. It is made up of a three tikanga (cultural) organisational structure of Maori, Pacific Island and Pakeha (European) sections. The key areas of our work are social policy research, family therapy services, community development, education and teaching based upon all three areas.

Social Policy Research Unit
We undertake independent social policy consultancy and research in all areas of social policy at local, national and international levels. Expertise includes equity analysis; poverty research communication; social and economic policy interface; ageing research, cultural audit, social impact; social scoping and evaluation

Family Therapy
We have developed an internationally recognized therapeutic approach called ‘Just Therapy’ that addresses the cultural, gender and socio-economic contexts of therapy.

Community Development
We specialize in the issues that affect the well-being and social environment of local communities. Particular emphasis is given to the processes of community participation, access to resources, cultural equity and healthy communities.

Education and Training

We run workshops locally, nationally and internationally on all areas of our work in ‘Just Therapy’ and applied social policy. In addition, a broad range of educational and teaching programs are carried out with social organizations, community groups, government departments, business organizations and specially contracted public gatherings.