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AI Practitioner – the International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry

Editor-in-chief: Wick van der Vaart, email:

 AI Practitioner (AIP) is designed to highlight examples, case studies and research on strength-based approaches to change with special emphasis on Appreciative Inquiry.

 AIP issues and articles draw attention to those aspects of strength-based change that expand and deepen our ways of knowing and practicing personal and organizational change.

 AIP is a peer-reviewed journal. Each issue has guest editors who prepare and widely distribute a “Call for Articles” for their issue. Potential contributors submit a proposed outline together with an abstract. Contributors whose proposal has been accepted have 90 days to submit their articles. Each article is reviewed by the guest editors and the editorial staff of the journal.

 Guest editors are experts in the topic of the AIP issue. They select, edit, and review the content and intent of the final articles from their perspective as major contributors in their specialist fields. Their recommendations are made to the publisher and senior editor.

 The AIP editoral staff of the journal further review the final draft of the articles using an established editing practices. Throughout the review process, special attention is given to the diversity of perspectives from different sectors, countries or types of practice.

 Nearly 300 people from around the world have contributed as guest editors and authors to AIP in recent years.

Guest Editing:

As a Guest editor, your Invitation to Write or Call for Articles needs to set out:

The topic you want to explore in your AIP issue

Reason for exploring this topic at this time

Questions you want to address or special aspects to explore

For more information and Guidelines for Guest editors contact Anne Radford

 Contributing an Article:

Your proposed outline needs to highlight key aspects, including:

  • Central message of the article
  • Critical challenges faced along the way
  • Changes, Results and Outcomes
  • Innovations/Learnings/Insights

For more information and Guidelines for Contributors contact: 
Wick van der Vaart, email:

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