Jeannette Samper A.

Sistemas Humanos
Phone: (571) 616-8409 & 616-8410

Private Practice
Calle 90 # 12 – 44, Ofc. 406
Bogotá, Colombia
Phone: (571) 610-9617
Mobile: 315-353-1260

Jeannette studied Sociology and Psychology and holds two Master´s degrees: one in Counseling and the other in Systemic Family Therapy. She is co-founder of SISTEMAS HUMANOS the first Systemic Training Center in Bogotá, Colombia where she has been the Director of Systemic Therapies, teacher, trainer and supervisor for 20 + years. As member of the SISTEMAS HUMANOS-KENSINGTON CONSULTATION CENTRE (KCC) pioneer training program in Colombia she also received a diploma in Systemic Teaching, Training and Supervision (DSTTS) from KCC.

In addition to being a trainer and supervisor at SISTEMAS HUMANOS Jeannette teaches in the training programs offered in conjunction with TAOS INSTITUTE and the HOUSTON GALVESTON INSTITUTE as well as in the Master´s program in SYSTEMIC INTERVENTION offered by SISTEMAS HUMANOS and the UNIVERSIDAD CENTRAL in Bogotá. Jeannette teaches for several Master´s level programs in universities and training centers throughout Colombia; and has presented her work at several international conferences.

One of the enriching aspects of her therapeutic practice is the weekly Reflexivity Session which she has held with a colleague for 12 + years. These Reflexivity Sessions have produced 15 articles, a chapter in a Couple Therapy book edited in Mexico and a Milan Systemic Training Manual for students in Colombia. Articles are related to advances, practices and ideas that stem from reflections on teaching, supervision and private practice where ethnicity, cultural values, language, conversation, bringing forth what lies in the background and knowing from within conversations have generated unique ideas and practices (i.e. Momento Bomba, La Mirada Chicó, la Etnia Terapéutica, el Nosotros en la pareja, el tejido étnico en las conversaciones). Her articles have been published in Colombia, London, Australia, México, Argentina and the USA.

She recently created a group called CONVERS@SIONES (conversesiones/conver-sessions to highlight conversations and process as central to life and to change) with the purpose of using Social-constructionist practices (Collaborative, Appreciative, Narrative, Dialogical Conversations) in workshops, consulting and in the generation of change processes in organizations.

Jeannette was founder and President of ARSISCO, the Colombian Association of Systemic Therapy and Intervention (Asociación Red de Terapia e Intervención Sistémica de Colombia) for four years and is a Clinical Member of AAMFT and of ARSISCO. She is fluent in both English and Spanish and over the years has had the privilege and honor of being the “Colombian voice” for Heinz Von Foerster, Karl Tomm, Michael White, John Shotter, Tom Anderson, Harlene Andersen, Sheila McNamee, Ken and Mary Gergen among others.