Marsha McDonough, Ph.D. 

2600 Tom Miller
Austin, TX 78723

Phone: (512) 448-5070
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Marsha McDonough, Ph.D., psychologist, family therapist, supervisor, consultant, and teacher who has been in private practice in Austin Texas for over 25 years. Dr. McDonough is a faculty member of the Houston Galveston  Institute. She began her career as a school psychologist, working with children and families. Dr. McDonough’s experience includes being a lecturer in the Educational Psychology Department at UT-Austin, and a policy consultant with the LBJ School of Public Policy at UT-Austin. Dr. McDonough has published articles on her research, on consultation, and on family therapy in peer-reviewed journals and other professional publications, including two invited chapters in edited books. She was a founding member of the Forum on the Military Chaplaincy—a project that advocates for a professional and profoundly pastoral, inclusive and welcoming chaplaincy, dedicated to its constitutional mandate to secure the free exercise of religion for ALL service members, no matter their religious status/non-status, sexual orientation or gender identity. Dr. McDonough is editing a book on the history of the Forum, which brings to light how chaplains and queer soldiers weathered the AIDS crisis in the armed services, how the Forum influenced the repeal of DADT at the highest levels within the Pentagon, and how the work of the Forum led to better training programs in seminaries for chaplains-in-training.