Chaim Noy, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor
School of Communication and Department Human Resources Management
Sapir College 
D.N. H of Ashkelon, 79165

Email: or
Phone: +972-2-6732188 
Mobile: +972-507605969

At Academia: 

I received my PhD in Clinical Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (2002), and after a few post-doctoral Fellowships I was an Independent Scholar for a few years (please see I teach – and trying to amuse and educate my students – at the Sapir College, Israel. I love research and my fields of scholarly interests are varied and reflexive in nature: performance studies, narrative and discourse, mobility, masculinity, tourism, and qualitative and experimental research methods. My recent books include Narrative Community: Voices of Israeli Backpackers (Wayne State University Press, 2006), and Israeli Backpackers: From Tourism to a Rite of Passage (co-edited with Erik Cohen, N.Y.: SUNY Press, 2005). Some of my recent articles appeared in Critical Studies in Media Communication, Text & Performance Quarterly, Narrative Inquiry, Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, and International Journal of Social Research Methodology. My present research projects include multimodal approaches to discourse and interaction in vehicles (a project tentatively titled “Driven Families”), and further examinations of the power relations that underlie academic epistemologies and practices. I am a seasoned Aikido practitioner and teacher in the art of Aikido, and Head the Aikido Club at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

I was an Independent Scholar for a number of years, and my fields of interest focus on performance studies, discourse and narrative, mobility, masculinity, tourism, and qualitative and experimental research methods, which I try to combine.