Jorge Leiva Cabanillas, Ph.D.

Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
1560 Prado Santiago-Chile


Jorge Levia Cabanillas trained as a psychologist at the first Catholic University of Chile and the Universidad Mayor de San Simon in Bolivia. He received a Ph.D. in Psychology with a thesis in Psychology He did research at the University Ramon Llull in Barcelona-Spain, and completed a magistracy in Social Sciences at the Academy of Christian Humanism. Jorge’s interest in research in the field of education and the importance of body language in the learning process led him to dabble in neuro-linguistics, for which he trained as Master-Trainer in NLP Certified by the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programy of Eastern NLP Institute California USA. He also developed a therapeutic approach of Wilhelm Reich in the Institute of Therapy Post-Reichian of Valencia in Spain, where he was certified as a Psychotherapist Caracteroanalítico of the European Association For Body Psychotherapy (EABP) and the Spanish Federation of Psychotherapists (FEAP). In this same field of interest is the mind-body relationship that has been investigated in the focus of Eugine Gendlin, trained as a Trainer in Psychotherapy and Focusing-Oriented Coaching Faculty of the Institute Of Focusing Gendlin New York USA. Currently the focus of Jorge’s training is exploring this first person methodologies, participating in training in fundamentals and methodology of Appreciative Inquiry, assuming and applying the contributions of David Cooperrider, especially Appreciative Coaching.

Academically Jorge has served as a professor at several universities: Universidad de Chile, Universidad Catolica de Chile, Universidad Diego Portales, Universidad de Santiago, University Academy of Christian Humanism, Universidad Andrés Bello, Universidad Mayor, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, in the latter is Assistant Professor-currently. He teaches in academic action that has designed the project and formed the School of Psychology at the University Academy of Christian Humanism, serving as its first Director for 6 years.

In consultancy Jorge has worked as a consultant for national and international organizations such as the National Fund for the Development of Science and FONDECYT, OIE, American Organization for Education, Science and Culture, Pan American Health Organization PAHO Technology and for the World Bank. He has provided advice to UNICEF., participated on a co-team with Dr. Humberto Maturana for two years. With this, his latest scientific undertaking was a post title at the University of Chile on “Knowledge and Neuro Biology”, sharing with him his epistemological look at science.

In Chile, Jorge has done consultancy work in various ministries, especially the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Ministry Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic. He served as advisor on social policy development in the Municipality of Santiago and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, for nine years and simultaneously occupied for five years, the office of Councillor for the Municipality of Santiago in the same period.

Jorge’s last two publications and educational experiences in the organizational field are in August 2013, the book “Human Heritage: neither capital nor resource” in co-authorship with Víctor Núñez and José, a publication published in the month of October 2012 by PAHO on the application of the learning model in health organizations in Chile, sharing and inspires action of the faculty with which he works at the University Adolfo Ibañez.