Julie Tilsen, MA, LP, Ph.D.

3609 Harriet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409 USA
2 Stories, PLC

Email: julie@2stories.com
Phone: 612.462.3707
Web: www.2stories.com

In addition to her therapy work with children, youth, and adults, Julie provides training and consultation to a variety of agencies, therapists, and social service workers. As a trainer and presenter, Julie is known for her highly engaging, experiential style and her ability to integrate theory, practice, and research in accessible, meaningful ways. She is especially interested in the application of queer theory and cultural studies methodologies to practice. Julie publishes in professional journals and presents internationally on a variety of topics related to therapy, socially just practices, and youth work. 

Currently, Julie is in private practice as a therapist, supervisor, and trainer in her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She also partners with local agencies serving people living with HIV & AIDS to provide community-based, relationally-centered, harm-reduction therapy services.

Julie is the Training Coordinator for the International Center for Clinical Excellence (http://www.centerforclinicalexcellence.com). In this capacity, she has the opportunity to train and supervise clinicians from around the world in the practice of feedback-informed therapy from a consumer-driven/non-medical model orientation.


  • Narrative and constructionist therapies
  • Work with multi-marginalized people
  • Work with queer and trans people
  • Family therapy with children and youth
  • Socially just and anti-oppressive practices
  • Youth work, youth leadership programming, and youth-adult partnerships
  • Feedback-informed practice
  • Clinical supervision & consultation

Finally, Julie does have a life not centered on therapy, youth work, and critical theory. She is into University of Minnesota Women’s Hockey, drinking cold press, shopping at thrift stores, watching Glee, consuming amazing amounts of progressive leftist news, walking & biking everywhere, wearing her Gryffindor scarf, hanging out at coffee shops (drinking cold press), and cheering for the Minnesota Twins from the cheap seats. She has successfully introduced the Nut Goodie—the modest Minnesota candy bar—to enthusiastically receptive international audiences.

Julie Tilsen, Ph.D. Dissertation