David Holzmer

1209 Fulton St.
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

Email: Davidholzmer@gmail.com
Organizations: Gonna Grow Wings, Change Process Consultant/Researcher
Phone: (609) 408-3866

David Holzmer is a consultant and researcher investigating how organizations construct the experience of change and what that now means for us in an era of accelerating communication and nearly continuous upheaval. As a scholar-practitioner, he draws from practical experience and multiple theoretical perspectives to forge an interdisciplinary view of organizations as shifting webs of relationships held together by reflection, dialogue, and the shared pursuit of coherence. 

David is currently completing a Ph.D. with Union Institute and University. His work explores how historical approaches to disruption, including the Industrial-era’s need for stability and control, continue to inform—and often hinder—organizations’ ability to access their own creative potential in order to address the challenges before them. His dissertation “The Embrace of Disruption: Sensemaking Narratives Reflecting Management’s Shifting Awareness of Change” specifically examines how workers’ collaborative sensemaking practices help them to intuitively navigate otherwise chaotic terrain. 

With decades of leadership and organizational development experience in both private and nonprofit sectors, David holds a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Leadership. His original synthesis of organization theory, developmental psychology, and futurist studies has led to opportunities to present his work in the U.S., Canada, and Europe as well as advise a diverse array of organizations from small nonprofits to large corporations such as IBM.

In addition, by melding decades of real-world experience, with scholarly insight, and social media savvy, David has become a sought-after thought leader whose empowering vision for social development in chaotic times both challenges and inspires forward thinking organizations and other innovative thinkers.

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