Luís Miguel Neto, Ed.D.

  • Luís Miguel Neto died in October 2020. He was a creator, a networker, a beam of light, and will be missed by so many including his family, students, colleagues and friends. He lived a full and meaningful life, contributing greatly to the world.

Luis Miguel Neto was an Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Politicas (School of Social and Political Sciences), University of Lisbon. He was a professor at Psychology School, Lisbon University for 29 years (1982 – 2011). He has received his EdD in Family Therapy from the University of Massachusetts, USA (1995) and he got a post-graduate degree on Systemic Family Therapy from Sevilla University in Spain (1996). At Lisbon University he was responsible, during ten years, for the SAFI – a Family and Individual Outpatient Clinic that served the community on a free-of-charge basis and was also a training center in Solutions-Oriented Brief Psychotherapy. He was also a full member of the Center for Administration and Public Policy (CAPP), a Lisbon University Research Center. He teaches in Master Degrees at the North-West University in South Africa and St. Joseph University in Macao, China. He recently launched the Platform for Public Happiness at Lisbon University, where he is the Scientific Coordinator of the Executive Master in Applied Positive Psychology. He was an External Examiner for Luton University in the UK for five years, linked with the Kensington Consultation Centre, also in the UK.

He published in scientific journals, nationally and internationally, and co-authored 5 books on psychology for the general public. He is a co-founder, vice-president and member of the Scientific Committee of the Portuguese Association on Positive Psychology/Associação Portuguesa de Estudos e Intervenções em Psicologia Positiva (APPEIP) and a member of the Board of Directors of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA). He co-organized the 2nd Portuguese Positive Psychology Conference, on the theme of Positive Communities and Relational Goods: Co-constructing Felicitas Publica (Public Happiness); In 2010 he organized the 1st Portuguese Positive Psychology Conference, on the topic of Positive Nations. He was a pioneer in the teaching of Appreciative Inquiry, Social Construcionistic models, Systemic and Positive approaches in Portugal and Europe.

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