Anastasia M. Bukashe, Ph.D.

Anastasia M Bukashe is a consultant with 24 years experience in working with leadership at every level in order to navigate challenging and complex transitions. Her approach to transformation and systems change is grounded in strength based models which seek to uncover and leverage those aspects that can create quantum leaps for the future. Her speciality areas include leadership development and coaching, organizational culture change, diversity and multi-cultural competency, and conflict management.

Anastasia’s strength as a consultant is her ability to bring together theory and practice in ways which empower leaders to navigate transition in their specific context. To this end, Anastasia has work in over 15 countries covering Africa, Asia, Europe, South and North America. Projects include supporting macro-political change through a UNDP funded initiative in Nepal to capacitate representatives in the Constituent Assembly for the constitutional reform process; designing and facilitating multiple global strategy sessions for international corporate and not for-profit organizations; and consulting to over 50 organizations to support them with a transformation agenda. Anastasia is able to work as a coach, consultant, facilitator, trainer, researcher and project manager with a special focus on building internal capacity for clients to sustain their transformation and change management agenda.

Anastasia holds a PhD in Organizational Behaviour from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, USA), an MPhil in Theology from St. Augustine College (Johannesburg, South Africa) and a BA in Psychology from the University of Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa). Anastasia currently teaches the Multi-cultural Competency and International Consulting skills course in the Masters of Organizational Development programme of American University (Washington DC). She is also a member of the National Training Laboratories (NTL) in the USA, and the Coaching and Mentoring Association of South Africa (COMENSA) with accreditation as an outdoor ropes course instructor (The Mountain Institute), Certified as a trainer in Principled Negotiation (Harvard University) and multiple diploma’s in Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Peace-building models.

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