Marcia Moreira Volponi, Ph.D.

INTERFACI – Institute of Family Therapy, Couples, and Individual community
APTF – Paulista Association of Family Therapy (President)

Address: Ibirapuera Avenue 2907 cj 414 – São Paulo – Brasil
Phone: (55) (011) 5533-6826

Marcia Moreira Volponi, social worker and psychologist, family therapist and couple PUC-SP, Therapist Community PUC-SP, Team Member INTERFACI Institute, Couple, Community and Human being, Third Sector Training Conducted by Prof. Antonio Carlos Merege and Fundação Getúlio Vargas Team – GV. International accreditation by INTERFACI coord in Collaborative Practice.

Dra.Marilene Grandesso and TAOS INSTITUTE coord. Harlene Anderson, author of Work “When the woman makes the Cheque” and Co-author of Work “Collaborative Conversations in Times of Fusion in Business”.

President of APTF-Paulista Association of Family Therapy biennium 2012/2014