Joan Meyer, Ph.D.

Independent consultant for personal and organizational change
Amsterdam , Netherlands


Main Activity at Present:
As a consultant, coach, trainer and owner of TMG I focus on desired change. I do this not just at the level of the person, but also at the interpersonal level, and at the level of groups, organizations and larger social conglomerates.

Elements of The Process Can Be:

  • making the need for change explicit/conscious
  • examining taken for granted assumptions and images
  • finding the thread: identity, humor and innovation
  • identifying relevant discourses and meaningful relations
  • visualizing and acting out different scenarios
  • excavating golden futures
  • morality – is it an issue?
  • perspective-taking, sounding boards
  • generating energy, strength and fun
  • effective practices- what actually works?

During the change process we make use of analytical tools and detection skills; in addition we employ metaphors, body language, humor, role playing, drama and the power of imagination.

Recent Activities:
Developed and directed the Expertise Center for Forensic Psychiatry in the Netherlands (EFP). In this capacity developed and disseminated expertise and know how, created learning experiences and cooperation between hospitals for forensic psychiatric patients, developed a national database on patients in order to predict and prevent reoffending ( the database was created as a learning system, and so becomes better over time as more data are added ), helped found the first large multi-center randomized clinical trial of Schema-focused Cognitive Therapy (SCT) in psychopathic criminal offenders, developed agreed upon treatment programs for the long term treatment of various psychiatric disorders in forensic patients, etcetera.

Directed and developed the department of Organizational Consultants at Commit Arbo ( a national organization concerning Work and Health in the Netherlands). Expanded the department from a bare 7 consultants to 23 consultants on full time basis, working all over the country and going from deficit to profit. Developed expertise and know how, both on organizational research and consulting, expanded the applicability and demonstrated the profit for firms through creating healthy working conditions, relations and dialogue.

Other Activities:

  • Member of National Committee of Enquiry(Commissie Staal) to research abusive behaviours in the Military organizations in the Netherlands (reported September 2006).
  • Board member of the Directors of National Broadcasting in the Netherlands.
  • Lecturer for Organizational Change and Innovation at the University of Amsterdam(until 2006).
  • Lecturer at Vessalius College in Brussels (Belgium)
  • Ph.D. on Power in Relationships (both interpersonal, organizational and at the level of society)
  • Research coordinator at various Government organizations in the Netherlands (Ministry for Culture & Social Affairs, Central Cultural and Planning Bureau)