Mark Haydon-Laurelut, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Department of Psychology
University of Portsmouth


Mark Haydon-Laurelut, Ph.D. is a Systemic Psychotherapist in the UK’s National Health Service and a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Portsmouth. Marks work focuses on systemic social constructionist approaches to Disability, Learning Disability (Intellectual Disabilities) and Autism Spectrum Conditions. Marks introduction to the work of the Taos institute was completing the Taos and Houston Galveston Institutes Certificate in Social Construction and Therapeutic Practice with the supervision of Susan Swim Ph.D. Mark is the co-editor (with Victoria Jones) of Working with People with Learning Disability: Systemic Approaches (Palgrave/MacMillan, 2019) and the e-book (With Dr Karl Nunkoosing) ‘The relational basis of empowerment. The Need for Roots (Editors: John O’Brien & Simon Duffy) published by the Centre for Welfare Reform. Mark has given workshops and presentations around the world and is the author of numerous research articles, magazine articles and book chapters.


Book:  Jones, V & Haydon-Laurelut, M (2019). Working with People with Learning Disabilities: Systemic Approaches. London, Red Globe Press.

e-book:  Nunkoosing, K., & Haydon-Laurelut, M. (2013). The relational basis of empowerment. The Need for Roots, 1-43. (Editors: John O’Brien & Simon Duffy)

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