Fanny Marell, MSc

Hammarby allé 48, III
S-120 61 Stockholm

Phone: +46 704 93 33 36

Fanny Marell, MSc, Family Therapy, BSc, Social Work, is a social worker, a licenced psychotherapist, as well as teacher and supervisor in psychotherapy with main focus on family therapy, systemic and social constructionist thinking.

At present, Fanny is working in her own company with supervision, psychotherapy and education. In her work, Fanny emphasize the importance of context and mutual collaboration and to understand situations and people in context and relationship. To include yourself as a helper and consider your own interaction. In addition, reflecting on what we name and how. What kind of stories am I part of co-creating right now?

She is also part of a group which tries to implement a diagnosis and drug-critical perspective as an alternative to predominant public health care paradigm.

Additionally, Fanny is member of the editorial board of the Nordic family therapy journal “Fokus på Familien” and she also writes articles for different journals.

Present areas of interest are:

  • Psychiatric Diagnostics – Why has this become so important? Why is this such a big phenomenon right now in our society? 
  • New Public Management and its impact on the public sector. How does NPM affect the relationship between people working in public care and people who seek public healthcare.
  • Science and research. What is considered good and right knowledge today in our society? Why? How is this process constructed?
  • Another issue of interest is the migration flows we currently have and questions interconnected to it such as economy, ownership, history, religion, integration, radicalization, etc.

Fanny has long experience working in the public sector. She started out as a clinical social worker and then she worked as a family therapist in an institution for adolescents with complex psychiatric concerns. She has also worked as family psychotherapist in psychiatric polyclinic for children, adolescents and their families and as a family psychotherapist at a public specialist centre for young people with eating disorders.

Fanny has also been the president of the Stockholm Family- and system oriented Therapy Association.