Dr. Gareth Morgan

Distinguished Research Professor
Schulich School of Business
York University, Toronto
Web: www.imaginiz.com

Gareth Morgan is Distinguished Research Professor at the Schulich School of Business at York University, Toronto and Associate Fellow of the Saïd Business School at Oxford University.  

He is the author of several books on organization and management, including Images of Organization, Riding the Waves of Change, and Imaginization: New Mindsets for Seeing, Organizing and Managing. Available in sixteen translations, Images of organization is used as a core text at hundreds of universities worldwide. Gareth is also internationally recognized for his contributions to social theory and research. His books Sociological paradigms and Organizational analysis (co-authored with G.  Burrell) and Beyond method lie at the heart of current debates about how multiple research perspectives and paradigms can be mobilized in the study of complex social and economic problems. 

His consulting and research have been at the forefront of many contemporary management trends: prototyping the requirements of learning organizations; designing and managing decentralized networks; creating flexible team-based enterprise; unleashing creativity and innovation; and using theories of paradox and self-organization to find new methods of managing change. He is currently working on projects exploring particularly implications of the science of chaos and complexity for leadership and change, and on the new forms of learning, knowledge and scientific development required in a digital, rapidly changing world. 

Gareth has been elected Life Fellow of the International Academy of Management for his international contributions to the science and art of management and is recipient of an Academy of Management “Trailblazer Award” for his contributions to organization and management theory. He holds a BSc (Econ) degree from the London School of Economics, a MA from the University of Texas at Austin, a PhD from Lancaster University, and has received an Honorary Doctorate (dr.phil.h.c) from Syddansk Universitet (University of Southern Denmark).