Meng-Ning Wang, Ph.D.

Coach & Consultant

3F No. 9 Alley 5 Lane 57 Fuhe Rd.
Yunghe District
New Taipei City, Taiwan

Phone: 886-2-972524707

Meng-Ning received her Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Syracuse University in 2012. She flew to the United States to study family therapy in 2002 with a yearning to dissolve the intense dynamics among her family members. After learning to develop the awareness of diversity and self-of-therapist in the program, it became the turning point in her life to adopt relational views on how people respond to the world. 

In terms of her current profession, Meng-Ning likes to call herself as a freelancer with interests helping people to have deep understanding about relationships with one another and with themselves. She is a facilitator in International Certificate Program in Collaborative Practices in Taiwan, which is introduced by Center for Creative Dialogue, Taiwan. She helps to lead group discussions in which members learn to have dialogues upon relationships in different aspects. Meng-Ning is also an adjunct associate professor of Department of Social Work in National Taipei University, and she mainly teaches Gender and Social Work to help students developing awareness about how culture impacts the way we interact. Meng-Ning also involves in a big project in training and coaching Child Protection Services social workers in Taiwan. She trains and coaches those workers on how to work with families from a relational perspective. 

In addition to share her experiences and knowledge of relational viewpoints with people, Meng-Ning also has great interests in alternative healing methods, like Reiki, healing sound, and imagery. Because she believes that the practice of collaborative thinking should not only be used in our relationships with others but also in our relationships with ourselves. Being familiar with those non-traditional healing methods more and more, she finds new ways to communicate with souls and life.