Birgitte Pedersen, BA, MA, Ph.D.

Founder of Phronetica, Denmark
HR Directior at LandboNord, Denmark

Phone: +45 30 48 60 80
Work website:

Dr. Birgitte Pedersen. BA, MA Language & International Studies, MA HRM, MA Psychology, D.Prof Systemic Practice. Systemic & Narrative trained process consultant, Executive trained manager.

Birgitte has 21 years of experience as in-house practitioner in large, global organizations, going through rapid change. She heads the strategy driven change processes. As a director and portfolio manager she designs, implements, supervises and teaches capability innovations, challenging the idea of an organization consisting of separate parts like Human Resources, communication, sales & marketing, finance, production, etc. or separate one-off activities like leadership development or change interventions.

She is particularly engaged in architecture (touch points) promoting clarity and understanding, building new bridges to stress the interconnectivity of functions, colleagues and customers. She leads teams looking beyond models, tools, recipes as the only ways of evolving as organizations affected by crisis move toward future survival. She does so from a relational, eco-systemic perspective as a counterpoint to the traditional, mechanical (Cartesian) ways of viewing structures, problems and processes expected to lead to change in behavior and performance.

Birgitte is also a tutor, research supervisor and director of studies at the Professional Doctorate in Systemic Practice run by the University of Bedfordshire, UK.

Her research interests lie in the systemic, relational, phenomenological approaches to organizational development.