Adria Gibernau

Barcelona, Spain

Adrià Gibernau was born and raised in Barcelona. He studied his bachelor in psychology at Universitat de Barcelona, and he was about to quit because of his theoretical tensions with positivist epistemology. Looking for other perspectives, Adrià moved and studied in Denmark (Aarhus University) and in the Netherlands (Radboud University). He became familiar with Hubert Herman’s Dialogical Self Theory during that period, as well as other disciplines, including philosophy and linguistics. 

On his last year of psychology in Barcelona, he had his first contact with social constructionist ideas and narrative psychology as part of cultural, political, and discursive psychology. When he finished his bachelor’s degree, he realized he was more comfortable studying psychology from its boundaries, with its connections to other disciplines like linguistics and anthropology. Thus, he started the Master in Discourse Studies at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). There, he became familiar with Teun van Dijk’s Critical Discourse Analysis and Narrative Analysis, that he used to study issues historically related to psychology, such as the self, incoherence or social movements. As soon as he completed it, Covid-19 pandemic began, and along with it, Adrià also started his PhD in the Department of Translation and Language Sciences, at UPF. His thesis is focused on developing the notion of Identity Dissonance, a revision and a critique of Festinger’s theory from a discursive and constructionist epistemology.

In the meantime, Adrià had been following several writing courses in Ateneu Barcelonès, and he had completed a postgraduate degree called “Writings: Human Creativity and Communication”, at Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales. In 2018 a local publisher edited a short Autofiction story that Adrià had written in catalan. From that point, he started working there. Initially as a counselor, but after some years as a Chief Editor. He promoted the creation of the brand called Montaber, dedicated to stimulate and spread critical thinking. In 2023 he started a collection focused on discursive and relational psychology. The book that opened this collection was El imperativo relacional, written by Kenneth Gergen and translated by Adrià himself. 

He is also occasionally working in political communication as a personal branding strategist and as a debate and rhetoric teacher in high schools. He has been an invited lecturer at Universitat de Barcelona and at the Masters College of Barcelona. He also holds a Postgraduate degree in Strategic and Brief Intervention, from the University of Girona.