David Elan Abramovitch, JD, MA

Faculty Now I See A Person Institute
13504 Valleyheart Drive North
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Phone: (310) 993-9144
Email: abramovitch74@gmail.com
Web: www.nowiseeaperson.com
Now I See a Person Institute; Chatsworth, CA


  • Provides individual, couples and family therapy to trauma victims, often mandated or referred by agencies such as, DCFS and VOC (Victims of Crime) or family law.
  • Faculty, certificate programs at Now I See A Person Institute
  • Co-researcher and Author on Community Engagement: A Collaborative Recovery Model
  • Family Life Coach, therapeutic monitor & visitation at Now I See A Person Institute
  • Associate, Taos Institute

After a successful career in law, Mr. Abramovitch studied marriage and family therapy and joined Now I See A Person Institute. He was appointed faculty in 2017 and appointed a Taos Associate in 2018. Taos Associates are an international consortium of researchers, professors, and clinicians promoting strength-based and client driven therapeutic services. Mr. Abramovitch’s interests include prevention and inter-generational change. He feels most high conflict cases that result in severe trauma can, not only be prevented, but once sustainable change occurs it is mirrored in future populations.