Xinping Zhang, Ph.D.

Professor of Education Administration

Research Institute of Educational Leadership and Administration

College of Education Science

Nanjing Normal University

122 Ninghai Road

Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

P. R. China, 210097

Phone: 011-86-138-5157-4516 (cell)

Email: Xinping Zhang


Dr. Xinping Zhang is a Full Professor of Education Administration at College of Education Science, Nanjing Normal University. He specializes in theories of educational administration and leadership and studies of professional development and training of school principals from the comparative perspective.

He was the founder and is the current director of Research Institute of Educational Leadership and Administration at Nanjing Normal University. He also serves as the vice president of Chinese Association of Educational Administration Research and Chinese Association of Educational Effectiveness. He is also an adjoin professor at College of Education Administration, Beijing Normal University, and a visiting professor at Research Institute of Educational Economics and Administration, Shenyang Normal University. Dr. Zhang is a member of editorial advisory board of three Chinese academic Journals, Education Administration Research, Management of Primary and Secondary Schools, Journal of Primary and Secondary School Management, and the US peer-refereed academic journal, Peabody Journal of Education.

He has published more than 100 articles and 4 academic books on the paradigm conflicts, theoretical developments, methodological evolution, and historical change of educational organization and administration. He developed a strong interest recently in examining the issue of education administration from the unique perspective of social construction theory contributed importantly by Professors, Kenneth Gergen and Mary Gergen. Currently, he is working hard to introduce such a perspective to the research of educational leadership and administration in China, especially the Appreciative Inquiry central to the social construction theory.