Aimei Guo, Ph.D.

Department of Labor and Social Security
Ginling Women’s College
Nanjing Normal University
122 Ninghai Road,
Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, 210097
P.R. China

Mobile: 011-82-13851698304

Dr. Aimei Guo is a full professor at Ginling Women’s College, Nanjing Normal University, serving as the director of postgraduate training program in social welfare in Nanjing Normal University, and the director of the Gerontological Institute of Jiangsu Province. She is also a Council Member of China Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, China Association of Social Security, and Chinese Women’s Research Society. 

As a professor in elderly health, gender studies and social welfare, Dr. Guo has participated in more than 25 studies, including two general projects of the National Social Science Fund, and  published over 70 articles and 5 books on such topics as health among older adults, aging in place, long-term care, community service, access to healthcare, retirement, migration of elderly people, and gender and psychology. She has won the Third Prize (2012) of Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science Achievements. She translated one book of Social Construction Translation series, which is “Celebrating the other: A dialogic account of human nature” authored by Edward E. Sampson.

Dr. Guo has developed a strong interest in research, policy and practice aiming to promote the ideas of positive aging in China. She has been initiating the community-based positive aging program, which is expected to introduce social constructionism to the research, policy and practice of “aging in place” in China. Recently, she is conducting a study on the social integration of elderly migrants during the process of urbanization.