Ángela Hernández-Córdoba

Ángela Hernández-Córdoba
Calle 106 N° 53-39 Of 304
Bogotá – Colombia

Email: angela.hernandez.cordoba@gmail.com

Angela Hernandez-Cordoba was born in Bogotá – Colombia, where she was raised. Angela works as a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and research professor at several universities. She is a certified teacher of Satyananda Yoga and collaborates with the Satyananda yoga Academy in Bogotá-Colombia. She works in the clinical and research fields from a systemic and complex perspective and considers that the final purpose of this work is to contribute to each subject takes its autonomy with responsibility, recognizing that this involves the biological, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions of life. Angela finds that psychotherapy and clinical intervention in different contexts are more effective if they include intentionally methods that contribute to the expansion of consciousness and the development of compassionate human relationships.

In her work as a researcher and professor, currently she investigates with other colleagues in three projects:

  1. Emergence of subjectivity in systemic psychotherapy (Universidad Santo Tomás);
  2. Body, subjectivation and identity: an experiential and exploratory study with university students (Universidad Externado of Colombia);
  3. Expansion of consciousness, Satyananda yoga and complex psychology. A study with practitioners of Satyananda yoga (Satyananda yoga Academy).

In these projects Angela intends to implement methodologies initiated by Francisco Varela around first-person research methodologies.

Angela had published the books:

  • Familia, Ciclo Vital y Psicoterapia Sistémica Breve, Bogotá: Ed. El Buho (1997).
  • Psicoterapia sistémica breve: La construcción del cambio con individuos, parejas y familias. Bogotá: Ed. El Buho (2004).
  • Vínculos, individuación y ecología humana. Hacia una psicología clínica compleja. Bogotá: Universidad Santo Tomás (2010).