Victoria Lugo, Ph.D.

Universidad de Caldas
Carrera 24 No. 55-123 (Home)
Manizales, Caldas, Colombia

Phone: 57 6 8853276 (Home)

Victoria is Psychologist and Master in public health. She completed her PhD at Taos Institute PhD program in 2014, under the supervision of Dr. Sheila McNamee. Her dissertation “Disarmed warriors: narratives with youth ex-combatants in Colombia” was honored Cum Laude. She is Professor and researcher in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Universidad de Caldas, Colombia.

For several years, Victoria worked in NGO´s with vulnerable populations, especially youth, children and families in rural areas. She had been involved in communitarian and research projects as Psychologist and researcher, and she was the director of the research department at Foundation for the integral development of childhood, youth and family – FESCO, from 2004-2009. Her work was focused on social diagnosis, evaluation and systematization of social intervention projects.

As a professor, Victoria began her teaching practice from 1997 in Psychology Faculty at Universidad de Manizales, Colombia. Her main areas of teaching were social and community Psychology, national context and qualitative research. From 2009 until now, Victoria has been professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Universidad de Caldas, in Manizales, Colombia. Her main areas of interest now, are: social Psychology, conflict, cohabitation, education, peace studies, communitarian development, social constructionism and qualitative research. In both universities, Victoria taught in undergraduate and graduate programs, and also she was director of undergraduate and master thesis.

From 2009 until now, Victoria works as researcher at CEDAT (Centre for conflict, violence and cohabitation studies). Her work is focused on conflict and post-conflict transformation under social constructionist, dialogue and narrative approaches. She is currently the editor of Eleuthera, a social sciences journal edited by Universidad de Caldas.