Olli-Pekka Juoperi

Managing Director, Consultant
Humap Ltd
Yliopistonkatu 36
FI-40100 Jyvaskyla
Bulevardi 6 A
FI-00120 Helsinki
DataCity, Lemminkäisenkatu 14-18 C
FI-20520 Turku

Phone: +358 50 575 0495

Olli-Pekka is CEO at Humap, which was founded in 1999 to co-create the workplace of our dreams.

Olli-Pekka’s background comes from the school setting. He worked 7 years as classroom teacher and 4 years as a headmaster. He took so seriously and worked much to develop school life that he then took that frame and it grew to other environments. There is a lot to be proud of and much success to celebrate in the Finnish school system. Many Humapians played a major role when there was a new implementation of the two latest Curricula (1994, 2003).

Today, Humap’s business consists of training and consulting business that focuses on working with leadership, change, collaboration and learning. Software services focus on the needs of virtual and mobile work environments when collaborating inside an organization, with customers and in networks. We also focus on measurement tools that open dialogue, and that enable exploring trust, connectedness of people, effectiveness in how we speak with one another and the quality of the progression of change.

Humap is located in Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Turku, London and Amsterdam. Humap is 100% owned by the personnel and its business is profitable and growing. There are currently over 25 people working full-time at Humap. Personally Olli-Pekka works as a consultant with Management Teams and Strategy Processes and tries to fit social constructionist principles into this work as much as possible.