Tianfang Liu, Ph.D.

Faculty in the department of Law and Politics 
Lingnan Normal University, Zhangjiang, Guangdong Province, China 
Member of the Center for Social Constructionist Psychology Studies, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.

Email: tfangliu@yahoo.com
Phone: +86 157-6835-1102

Tianfang Liu is a researcher, educator and social worker. Her research interests include aging psychology, qualitative method (interview, focus groups, action research), relational education, and social construction. She is doing research on the subjects of how aging (decline) is socially constructed by the age, and of the way illness/disease and death has been negatively constructed. She is curious about why people commonly fear being aged, disease and death.

She holds a Bachelor in Applied psychology (2009) from Mianyang Normal University, and a Master (2012) and a Ph.D. (2016) in aging psychology from Nanjing Normal University. 

She is currently responsible for a program of the establishment of a new major, called “services and management for older population”, which aims at cultivating administrative staff and social workers for nursing home from social constructional perspective. She is also exploring practices on relational education by discussing with college students what and how to teach and to learn. She is occasionally doing counseling by adopting dialogical therapy in her private practice. She is a fan of Positive Aging Newsletter.