Mark Hampton


Mark Hampton is an independent researcher at the intersection of social constructionism, relational biology, and artificial intelligence. His career began in electrical and electronic engineering, BE(Hons) Auckland University, which led to co-founding a startup company (Certess Inc.) His amateur interest in consciousness studies developed into Buddhist practices and eventually to an International Diploma in Social Construction and Professional Practice from the Taos Institute under the guidance of Kenneth Gergen. The theme of the diploma was the social construction of social constructionism and process philosophy.

Seeking to leverage insights from social constructionism led to the study of anticipatory systems and the underlying theory of relational biology. The possibility of “throwing away the structure while keeping the relations” challenges the dichotomy of material relations (privileged by science) and immaterial relations (privileged by the humanities). Currently Mark is exploring a conception of artificial intelligence as relational intelligence with the hope of amplifying the impact of social constructionism.