Luis Castellanos

Calle Interior Sur # 34, SM 46, MZ 3, LT 34, Col. La Herradura 2 C.P.: 77506
Cancún, Quintana Roo, México

Phone: (52)9982519113

Luis Castellanos was born in Mexico, his interest in helping people motivated him to pursue a career in psychology at the Universidad de Guadalajara, what caught his attention in the studies were the ideas of systemic therapies applied as a psychotherapist in a public institution of social assistance. Later He decided to study a Master in Family Therapy at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, in this postgraduate He was overwhelmed by the social constructionism and collaborative practices.

From his passion for these ideas, along with his wife and colleague, both designed a way of working in which they could have productive dialogues through reflecting team with: individuals, couples, families, businesses and schools. This way of working could apply in their private practice and consultant for the government of the city of Cancun.

In 2010 thanks to the Grupo Campos Elíseos and the Instituto Kanankil they were lucky to assist at the International Congress of TAOS Institute: Collaborative and Dialogic Practices in Therapy and Social Change, in this event they were able to meet our favorite authors, but especially established a good relationship with some of them and several others affiliates at the TAOS Institute, and thanks to these relationships and the constructionist ideas they have worked to government institutions of the State of Quintana Roo and Cancún in projects to prevent violence with vulnerable urban and rural populations.

They have also been able to work in companies facilitating process of Appreciative Inquiry, and eager for more people to benefit with these ideas, they have facilitated meetings with different professionals in Cancún to learn about the social constructionist ideas, co-creating with them a community of people who support different projects for social change.

The topics that they´re researching are: rhizomes, movement of giving, receiving and returning, community, death and love.