Evelyn Romero

Tenerife, España

Email: evelynromer91@gmail.com
Phone: 616176135

Evelyn Romero, member of Prisma Psicología since 2015, has been involved in different community and juvenile projects. She has a degree in psychology and the International Certificate in Collaborative and Dialogic Practices. Since 2003, she works with socio-constructionist approaches, starting her professional practices linked with postmodern premises.

From 2015 to 2017, she coordinated projects related to community and education, as well as, taking part of the Organizing Committee of the III International Conference of Collaborative and Dialogic Practices.

Her professional practices has developed in the therapeutical field, with orientation and psychoeducative intervention with childhood, adolescence and family. When it comes to researching, she has participated in research studies based on qualitative and collaborative methodologies, such as: pact for education, which combine qualitative and quantitative approaches; and senses given by students to an educative experience at university from social constructionism, being the first collaborative research developed at the University of La Laguna.

Finally, she aims to promote in the Canary Islands (Spain) collaborative and dialogic approaches and research processes and projects based on social constructionism, collaborative and dialogic premises.