Wei-Su Hsu, Ph.D.

Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, 
National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan 
162 Heping E. Rd Sec. 1 
Taipei, NTNU, EPC, Taiwan 106 

Email: weisuhsu@ntnu.edu.tw 
Phone: 886-277343761 
Web: http://www.epc.ntnu.edu.tw/people/bio.php?PID=26#personal_writing 

Wei-Su Hsu holds Ph.D. degree of counseling psychology and is a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling at National Taiwan Normal University in Taiwan. Dr. Hsu loves counseling practice and its process reflection, and was selected as the Outstanding Teacher of the training program in schools and communities that she has serves. 

Solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) which is based on solution-building emphasizes collaborative conversation and is deeply associated with social construction theory. Due to deeper appreciation of SFBT, Dr. Hsu has kept helping herself and others to learn respecting human’s strengths, dignity and experience, and developing an even more positive manner toward to the possibilities of life. Embracing SFBT and accepting supervision of Insoo Kim Berg have been regarded as a miracle of her life herself. 

Dr. Hsu has been devoting herself to the promotion of SFBT for over twenty years via giving lectures, providing training and consultation, and supervising counselors. She is one of the founders and the Honorary Consultant of the Taiwan Solution-Focused Center since 2010. Dr. Hsu also has been constantly invited by the universities, professional association and community agents in China as a trainer and supervisor of SFBT since 2008.In order to facilitate the international exchange on     SFBT, she has been participating SFBT international activities and inviting renowned practitioners of SFBT to come to Taiwan and China. She also has been encouraged by Dr. Shi-Jiuan Wu and trying to spread the seeds of postmodern thinking widely. 

Dr. Hsu was the executive committee member of Taiwan Guidance and Counseling Association. Also, she served as chief editor of Chinese Journal of Guidance and Counseling, and the associate editor of Bulletin of Educational Psychology in Taiwan. Dr. Hsu has combined her practice with academic research and is the author of more than 30 papers, 3 books, 17 book chapters, 55 conference papers, and 85 articles on the application of SFBT, school counseling and other fields. She also has translated 10 books of SFBT and has contributed to the translation of 7 books in counseling. These publications have provided evidence-based supports for SFBT. 

As the recipient of the 2013 Insoo Kim Berg Memorial Award for Significant Contribution to Training of SFBT Association in North America, Dr. Hsu has been encouraged to contribute more to the development of SFBT. Being a visiting professor of University of Missouri, Columbia, supported by 2012-2013 Senior Research Fulbright Grant of USA, has widely opened her eyes for cross cultural interactions and conversations. Her dedication for counseling profession in Taiwan has been recognized by the Outstanding New Faculty Research Award and  Distinguished Service Award issued by Taiwan Guidance and Counseling Association and Taiwan National Science Council in 2011. 

In a word, Dr. Hsu is an insatiable, perpetual student of the craft who wants nothing more than for SFBT practice to be well understood, well taught and ultimately well practiced in Chinese ethnic culture. She is a passionate advocate of SFBT and she regards it as a mission making her life meaningful.